Class Wars | 25 July

Have you ever been chastised for your love of smashed avo on toast on a Sunday mid-morning? Did you tweet #negativegearthisyouoldfarts?

What about trying to pick someone up totally out of your league or social circles? A real life Romeo and Juliet scenario?

Maybe you’ve just put on your brand new Gorman winter coat, thinking ‘I am totally an individual, you can’t fool me’, only to see Jenny from accounts in the lunch room wearing the exact same thing. F U Jenny.

This month we bring you true stories, live on stage all about the friendly and not so friendly wars we have between the classes.

School classes, social classes.

Having class, lacking class.

With SPECIAL GUEST MC: Steven J Finch

This month’s show is a MUST-SEE!

Line up:
Ron Bradfield
Laura Florisson
Libby Klysz
Christine Della Vedova
Ross Vegas
Michele Woods

Doors at 7pm | Show at 8pm

$10 at the door