Everyone’s got a story – but not everyone is adept at telling it.

Done right, stories have the power to do some extraordinary things. They make us laugh, they make us cry. They move us in ways we can sometimes never expect.

However, for every great story out there, there are a dozen bad ones.

So how can you avoid telling stories that are cheesy, overly heartfelt, boring, inauthentic and difficult to engage with?


This workshop is perfect for dipping your toes into the storytelling waters or finding new stories if you’re a seasoned pro.

Through a series of written & verbal exercises, facilitator Andrea Gibbs will help you FIND YOUR STORY; a story that’s worth telling and one that will connect with your audience.

She will give expert feedback along the way, and very clear steps on how to CRAFT YOUR STORY to make it pop! Walking you through her personal template for structuring a truely audience-worthy story, you will be armed with the confidence to give it a go yourself.

WHO IS YOUR TEACHER?  Barefaced Stories co-creator, ABC radio presenter & comedian Andrea Gibbs lives & breaths storytelling.  Whether she’s in the studio or on the stage everything she does is about spinning yarns and pulling them out of the people around her.

“Gibbs is a revelation!” – The Australian

As a TEDx speaker and coach, she and has worked with over 1000+ students from all industries and walks of life. As well as many corporate clients including Bunnings, Chevron, Woodside, WA Police and The Mental Health Commission.

She founded Barefaced Stories in 2010 and has been bringing unforgettable true stories to SOLD OUT audiences all over the world since 2010. From New Zealand to Texas. Melbourne to Albany. She knows which stories entertain, what surprises and most importantly how to engage an audience.


Saturday, 10:30am-2:30pm

Sunday, 1:30pm-5:30pm

NOTE: There is an overnight break between sessions to allow students time to develop their stories. The class size is limited to allow maximum individual attention & storytelling practice time for each student.

Suitable for both beginners & advanced, age 18+.

COST: $175 (+bf)

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MAR  16 & 17 – PERTH, Centre for Stories – SOLD OUT

APR  6 & 7 – ALBANY,  Albany Entertainment Centre – SOLD OUT

MAY  4 & 5 – PERTH, Centre for Stories – SOLD OUT

JUN 15 & 16 – BROOME,  Broome Civic & Arts Centre – SOLD OUT

JUN 22 & 23 – PERTH, The Blue Room SOLD OUT

AUG 17 & 18 – PERTH, The Blue Room

OCT 12 & 13 – PERTH, The Blue Room – REGISTER HERE

Interested in bringing a workshop to your workplace or town? Get in touch via email: workshops@barefaced.com.au


“Essentially these workshops are designed to make you a better storyteller, but what you walk away with is so much more. New friends, new ideas and dare I say it a sense of enlightenment and self-discovery.”

“I learned so much about crafting a good story. Sharing our stories on Sunday was really a genuinely profound experience. Some of those stories will stay with me forever.”

“It doesn’t matter whether or not you have had acting, writing or story-telling experience or if you were a seasoned pro or not; this workshop is perfect giving you the very clear steps to crafting your story. Andrea will take you out of your comfort zone, exposing the “raw” without you even realising. You will be awe-inspired by your fellow attendees because when you tell the real story is when you are able to connect in such a way that is indescribably wonderful.”