Eliza Smith – How to Fake a Dead Body

Season 3

In the week of her fifteenth birthday, Eliza Smith had some important life lessons handed to her. Mostly, she learnt the rules of how to fake a dead body to break someone out of prison, but she also learnt a lot about family.

This story was told at Barefaced Stories in Perth, the theme of the night was HERE COMES TROUBLE, 24 June 2021 at The Rechabite Hall

You can see Eliza’s story on YouTube here

Barefaced Stories are told live onstage in Western Australia, and is Australia’s leading homegrown live storytelling event.

Podcast Host: Andrea Gibbs

Sponsor: Old Young’s Distillery

Music by: Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics

Podcast Producer: Asha Couch

Video & Photos: Lewis Martin

Marketing & Social Media: Leah Sellwood

Facebook: @BarefacedStoriesPerth

Instagram: @BarefacedStories

Twitter: @BrutallyFranko


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