Rob Pollard: F*ck Yeah Air Guitar

Season 2

Elaborate costumes, fantastical personas, and sweet sweet guitar riffs.

Beyond the humorous, ironic façade of an air guitar performance there is real sincerity in what it offers those who participate.

This week’s story, from Rob Pollard, is not just about impaling yourself on a mimed instrument or smashing it to smithereens – it’s also a story about family.  And how the experiences we share with our loved ones end up being the ones that mean the most.

Barefaced Stories are told live onstage in Western Australia.

Facebook: @BarefacedStoriesPerth

Instagram: @BarefacedStories

Twitter: @BrutallyFranko

SPONSOR: Old Young’s Distillery

MUSIC BY: Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics

Storyteller: Rob Pollard (host of Hope! It’s a Trap Podcast)

Podcast host & producer: Andrea Gibbs (@AndreaGibbs)

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