William Gammel: Tackle Power

Season 4

William Gammel’s workplace was one of Australia’s largest warehouse stores – a place famed for weekend sausage sizzles and trolley-riding dogs.  Here, amidst aisles of bargains, Will faced a different challenge: shoplifters as common as discounted garden soil. But Will stood out – not just any employee, he tackled the thieving bandits with a unique flair. Picture this: a teenage David and Goliath, retail edition.

This story was told at Barefaced Stories in Perth, the theme of the night was BUSTED, August 2022.  You can see a video of William’s story on our Youtube channel here.

Barefaced Stories are told live onstage in Western Australia, and is Australia’s leading homegrown live storytelling event.

Connect with Us:

Podcast Host & Production Wizard: Andrea Gibbs the voice guiding you through each story, making sure you’re always in for a good time.

Musical Vibes: Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics

Pics & Vids: Lewis Martin, whose photography and videography immortalize the raw emotion of live storytelling.

Marketing & Social Guru: Leah Sellwood – She’s the one spreading the word, getting our stories out there on your feeds.

Big Cheers to Our Sponsor: Old Young’s Distillery – They craft spirits as bold and unique as our storytellers.

So there you have it – the crew behind Barefaced Stories Official Podcast. Tune in, kick back, and enjoy a new story each week!

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